B24J Liberator “Witchcraft”

I naively expressed in my portfolio that the photo opportunity of flying around these experimental aircraft beasts was a good idea. I never imagined actually flying in one driven by my teeth chattering fear of heights. This flying experience/birthday gift to my husband wouldn’t have happened this year unless I joined as the sixth passenger on Witchcraft. I nervously agreed and sat strapped in hovering over a door located between the bomb bay and her mechanically operated belly turret thatRead more

The Plunge | First Post {ever!}

I know first blog posts {ever!} are meant to introduce who I am, but I feel like being more intimate today. Appropriately to how I’m feeling, the first blog post {ever!} is a tribute to the hubs for allowing me to be my creative self shown with photos from our honeymoon almost a year ago. We had a whirlwind wayfaring through Italy, Austria and Germany. It was my first European experience and I thoroughly enjoyed unforgettable moments, expansive landscapes, new adventures, cultures, and peopleRead more